Go from Just an Idea to a Compelling Book with Consistent Sales

So You Can Write Your Story, Become a Leader & Make a Difference in Your Industry!

  • No More Confusion About Where to Start
  • No More Writer's Block
  • No More Fear of Sharing Your Story

Too many aspiring authors are stuck sitting in front of their laptops, wishing they had the exact blueprint to write and publish a compelling nonfiction book that sells.

Your book will inspire and help others.

You have a unique story with an inspirational message to share.

Even your friends and family keep nudging you to write that book!

But with so much information out there the process can be confusing and it's easy to get stuck, even before you get started.

It's like going on a road trip without directions to your destination. You fumble around with DIY research, feel overwhelmed and start thinking:

  • What tools do I use?
  • What's a good book idea?
  • Self-publishing or Traditional Publishing?
  • Do I really need an outline?
  • How do I structure a book?
  • How do I write out chapters?
  • How do I get over writer's block?
  • What is the beginning, middle and end of a story?
  • How do I get started writing a book?

The path towards getting published is different for everyone! You should be able to navigate the book business based on your own personal goals.

But how do you spend less time with DIY research and more time focusing on writing and building an audience?

Your Plan for Becoming a Successful Author


Let's chat and see how I can help you reach your goals.



What stage are you at right now? Let's pick a plan that will get you to the next step.


It's your dream, I'm here to help you make it. No egos included.



Want to sell books while you're on vacation? Let's make it happen!

The Benefits of Publishing a Nonfiction Book, Go Way Beyond Book Sales.

Personal Branding

  • Introduces Your Story to Your Audience
  • Attracts Pre-qualified Prospects who Already Feel Like They Know You Because You Shared Your Story

Engaging Content

  • Great Source for Content Marketing
  • A Place to Reference Your Stories
  • Use Your Stories to Enhance Content for Your Business

Become an Authority

  • Learn How to Reach Out to Celebrities so they can Endorse Your Book
  • Become a Guest on Podcasts and Shows

Inspire New Perspectives

  • Diverse Stories Create Connections
  • Inspire Your Audience with Your Inspirational Message

Connect with Your Audience

  • Become Relatable and Approachable to Your Audience
  • Connect and Engage with Others Who Identify with your Story

Passive Income

  • Grow Your Email Lists So You Can Stay Connected to Your Readers for Future Book Sales to Come
  • Establish Consistent Sales

Start a Speaking Career 

  • Enhances Visibility
  • Shows You are a Pro at What You Do So You Can Book Speaking Engagements

Share Your Story

  • Feel What It's Like to Finish Your Book and Share Your Life with Others
  • Unleash Your Creativity and Write a Compelling Book with Amazing Storytelling Techniques

Have you started the writing process?

Instantly, you run into writer's block and you can't seem to get your thoughts onto paper in the right way.

You want to know if your writing is good enough for your readers, but sharing what you've written is terrifying.

You feel vulnerable about sharing your personal experiences with strangers.

It feels like standing in front of a full auditorium, naked & exposed.

You start to wonder if anyone will want to hear your story. You start to panic and think:

  • I'm still working on my story, I can't share it yet.
  • What if I do all of this work and my book sucks?
  • I don't have amazing stories like famous people do.
  • I am not unique, I have no stories!
  • Who will want to read my book?
  • I don't want to be known for this one thing in my life.
  • I don't want to offend family members and friends with my book.
  • I don't want to be judged for my hard story.
  • How will I get people to even read and buy my book?

The truth is, the publishing world is not set up for everyone to succeed. And while the world is changing, it isn't changing fast enough.

Unique Stories make an impact. Real Stories connect communities. Authentic Storytelling builds relationships.

That's why I'm dedicated to supporting stories from the perspectives of:

  • Diverse Sexual Orientations
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Differently-abled
  • Culturally diverse
  • Conscious Writers

... And other types of stories from authors whose perspectives are not often shared.

So Coaches, Consultants & Entrepreneurs with an inspiring message, can find their dream audience and build a profitable author platform to launch a brand new book.

  • Avoid the awkward standoff between you and writer’s block. So you can write from flow, easily & quickly.
  • Stop wasting money on resources that only make things more confusing. So you can finally use a method that works for your unique goals.
  • Be prepared for your book launch without worrying if you did it the “right way”. So you can launch a book you are proud to share with your audience.

Finally, It's Launch Day! Your book is edited and polished. But how do you get people excited to buy it?

How do you make sure you are not launching your books to the sound of crickets?

How do you build a following of readers who want to get to know you, leave raving reviews and buy your book?

The truth is, 50% of "Publishing Success" comes from marketing and to be successful you need to start marketing from the beginning!

But the problem is...

  • The publishing industry is not set up for everyone to win and marketing diverse stories can be difficult.
  • You are not a marketing expert and you hate how sleazy marketing can be.
  • You want to make sure you don't sound like the cheesy salesman in the department store and you're not into using your story for just profit.
  • You don't even know where to start to find your audience.

In the end, newbie authors can spend more time researching, less time writing their next book and zero time engaging with their readers.

Or spending tons of money on the wrong things, like creating a book cover before you've even shown someone your first draft.

Sure, self-publishing can feel like navigating a road trip without direction. But what if you could have a personal publishing GPS to guide you throughout the entire process?

"Let's Create a Story that Holds Power 

 with Real Characters & Bold Approaches 

 that Pushes Boundaries to Beautifully Unify."

Meet Brittany.

I help coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs go from just an idea to a compelling book with consistent sales, using 1 on 1 Book Coaching and Editing Services.

Take a deep breath.


  • Imagine having the exact steps you needed to write a compelling book, so readers are inspired by your message.
  • How easy would it be to know where to spend your budget effectively? Without wasting time and money trying out resources that don't get you reviews and sales.
  • How would it feel to have ONE place to learn how to get over writer's block, edit your book and market it? Without having to work with sooo many people.
  • How would it feel to work with a collaborator who understands that everyone's story is different? Some are diverse, complicated and hard to tell but it all deserves to be shared.
  • How would it feel to have a professional book you can confidently refer your clients to, so they can get to know you, be inspired by your message and become a fan of your work?

Book a FREE Strategy Call and let's chat about how I can help you reach your author goals.

My Approach is Simple

Find Out the 4 Phases of Publishing Success


Find a BIG book idea that sells

Stop right there! Before you name your book, you have to have a BIG idea. Are you sure you've got your idea figured out? How do you know it will sell? What do your readers need to know? Your book title can change as many times as you need, but your idea should be concrete. Let's nail down a sellable book idea together.


Develop A Finished Manuscript

Turn your ideas into a book that is compelling and valuable. Learn how to write in a compelling way. Let's create a professional book that sells.


Achieve Consistent Sales

Build a following, spread your message and get readers excited to buy your new book. Let's create a system to keep sales consistent.


Make a Difference, Build an Audience & Become a Leader

Your clients want to know who you are and the best place to start is with an affordable book where they can learn about you and how you help. Become a leader in your industry and spread your inspirational message with your audience.

1:1 Coaching Plans for Every Stage

I know everyone is starting their book creation process from different places. Whether you just have an idea or a finished manuscript. I can help you get to your next step.

Go from just an idea to your first draft.

Build Confidence in Your Writing, Outline Your Chapters & Write A Compelling Story. Let's work through your stories and turn those ideas into the well-written pages of your book. Let's take your story from just an idea to a completed first draft!  

  • Develop a Big Idea that sells
  • Develop a Publishing Plan
  • Create a Book Outline
  • Story Workshop Coaching Sessions

Starting at $150/month

Book a Call

Go from your first draft to a polished manuscript.

Reshape, Revise, Trim and Polish Your Story. Let's take your story from a rough first draft to a polished product ready for publishing. This package includes a thorough and in-depth edit of your entire manuscript. 

Starting at $300/month

Plan the Perfect Launch and Build an Audience

Help Readers Find Your Book! You are about to embark on the most important step of self-publishing... Marketing. Authors who skip marketing find themselves with limited sales, no reviews and no audience.

starting at $0/month + ad spend

Get the Full Package

Let's go through the entire process together! We will start with your BIG book idea and work our way to establishing consistent sales. Writing a book takes a village, you don't have to do it alone.

starting at $0/month+ ad spend

“A book is perhaps the ultimate piece of content marketing that can position you or your company as a leading expert in your industry.”

― Joe Pulizzi, Epic Content Marketing

What Clients Think

"Brittany completely surpassed what I had anticipated. On our first meet, she came beyond ready, having already studied my brand and my message. She was able to save me hundreds of hours of work (or that's what it feels to me) by copywriting in such a perfect way that even I can't tell the difference between my voice and the work. As an artist, these freed up hours went into creating my art, which combined with Brittany's work created a successful launch for my business. This is because of her attention to detail and her palpable engagement with not only my project, but who I am as a person and my brand. She has been a pleasure to work with, and I hope it's not the end! FIVE STARS PLUS PLUS PLUS!!!"

– Jade H

"Brittany’s reliability and work left a lasting impact on our organization. Brittany is unique in that she not only has the technical know-­‐how to contribute on a variety of campaigns, but she also learned quickly how to integrate these ideas with our larger organizational objectives and this made it easy for us to trust her with high-­‐level projects. I therefore strongly recommend Brittany."

– Ben B

"You have helped me crack out of my shell to get this story out of me. I wanted you to know that a few years ago I purchased a trauma writing course. I wrote one page and quit. I just couldn't get into it. This is amazing. Thank you for your kindness and sensitivity to what I relive as we write this book. You're the best!"

Evelyn C

Are You Ready to Write Your Story, Become a Leader & Make a Difference in Your Industry?