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Hi, I'm Brittany,

A Book Coach who specializes in helping authors throughout every stage in the book creation process.

Writing a book is a journey of important steps and obstacles that impact the success of your book sales.

I've seen authors run into roadblocks all because they didn't have the Accountability, Support, Clarity and Direction needed to successfully navigate the path towards self-publishing.

I help diverse nonfiction writers achieve their author goals by providing services to help them solve the hardest aspects of writing a book.

After working with me, I hope to take you from a confused and frustrating state to a complete book ready and optimized to achieve your Author Goals.

The Benefits of Writing a Nonfiction Book, Go Way Beyond Book Sales.

Woman reading nonfiction book


  • Enhances Your Visibility
  • Attracts Pre-qualified Prospects
  • Great Source for Content Marketing


  • Change the Way People Think
  • Use It as a Launchpad for a Speaking Career
  • Share Your Story
Books on a shelf


  • Establish A Brand
  • Passive Income Generator
  • Credibility In Your Industry

I Can Help You Write a Story That Can Rewrite Your Future.

No matter where you are in your Author Career, I can help you with:

  • Getting Started & Motivated to share your story.
  • Overcoming self-doubt, anxiety and writer's block, so you can write easily and consistently.
  • Choosing the best title, that is optimized for increasing engagement and sales.
  • Writing the actual book from beginning to end.
  • Finding the best editor that will edit your story and not your voice.
  • Choosing the best self-publishing options to fit your "author goals".
  • Utilizing an effective Book Marketing Strategy that will get people ready to buy your book and become part of your audience.
  • Understanding the aspects of storytelling to ensure your book is engaging and interesting to read.
  • Knowing when to finish writing & editing so you can spend more time with family and friends and less time worrying about your book.

Jade Hassoune, Canadian Actor, Singer and Artist
Eosensa Vice President of Marketing

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1.68 M

Total number of self-published books released in the U.S in 2018.

U.S. Book Industry - Statistics & Facts Statista


Nearly 2,000 self-published authors reported that ebook revenue makes up 90% of their total revenue.

–Marie Force, New York Times-bestselling author 


Successful self-published authors are more likely to use best practices to get reviews for their books, claiming it as a weapon in their marketing arsenal.

–BookBub survey

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